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Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower. 

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Why TOTAL Vietnam?

Total Group

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower. Our 96,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations in more than 130 countries worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

Total Vietnam

Established in Vietnam in the early 1990s, Total Marketing & Services Vietnam now employs almost 900 staff mainly for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), lubricants and  retail activities.


Totalgaz Vietnam acquired Petronas Vietnam Limited in May. With this acquisition, Totalgaz becomes the second largest LPG player in Vietnam. 


Total distributes lubricants through its 100 percent-owned subsidiary, Total Vietnam Limited. The Total lubricants plant is located at the Go Dau industrial zone, close to Ho Chi Minh City.


Total also distributes petroleum products in the center of Vietnam under its own trademark and is the only international petroleum company in Vietnam also operating as a distributor.

Through sustainable business operations, Total has also contributed to social and economic development in Vietnam.  

The Total Attitude consists of four cornerstone behaviors: listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness. These behaviors, displayed daily at every level and in every project, are a distinctive characteristic of Total.

To meet today’s energy and environmental challenges, we must adapt our day-to-day behavior. The Total Attitude summarizes the cornerstone behaviors that guide the actions of our employees


Total employees must be attentive to others, whether our colleagues, customers, civil society or producing countries. For Total, performance is intrinsically related to listening.

Mutual Support

Total has an important role to play with local communities in our host countries. Through mutual support, our projects further the development of local economies. It is also one of our greatest strengths in-house, with team spirit expressed every day.


Cross-functionality means pooling our resources and our skills daily to provide an integrated, end-to-end offering in all of our businesses. It also means working more closely with our partners and other energy industry stakeholders.


Boldness pervades our DNA. Every employee must dare to suggest, invent and act, without taking ill-considered risks. It is essential to be able to break the mold and think outside the box.

Our goal is to foster the professional growth and development of all our employees to meet our objective to double the size. That’s why our human resources policies are built around four fundamental values:

Diversity of backgrounds, culture and education, which gives us a variety of viewpoints to better predict trends and changes in a globalized world.

Mobility, so that our employees can transfer to new jobs, segments or countries and achieve their personal career goals.

Fairness, grounded in individually determined compensation, outstanding employee benefits and a progressive policy to promote employee share ownership. 

Accountability and responsibility, through our daily actions around the world and an unflagging focus on ethics, safety and sustainable development. 

The Total Attitude: listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness are values shared every day by all Total employees.

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